Exploras to merge with Botany Group


From 1 January 2020 onwards, Exploras, based in Dongen will be part of the Botany Group.

Exploras has extensive experience and expertise in outdoor crops. The agricultural experimental facility was established in 2010. Most activities of Exploras include conducting field trials and offering among others, services for the crop production industry, fertilizer industry and seed companies.

Botany Group is a research group in the professional agriculture sector. The group is a contract research partner for companies in agrochemistry, agro-engineering, breeding and propagation. By collecting and supplying reliable research data, the Botany Group has set itself the goal to advance the horticultural chain with new technologies. The corporate viewpoint of Exploras fits in seamlessly with the corporate philosophy of the Botany Group. This makes Exploras a valuable enrichment of Botany's services in the field of outdoor crops.

Combining knowledge
For years, the two companies have been working together as partners in the horticultural sector. The complete acquisition of Exploras by Botany is therefore a logical step for Peter Korsten, CEO of Botany Group and Ad Embrechts, owner of Exploras. In recent years, both companies have grown strongly in knowledge and innovative power. The decision to join forces and to opt for a broader market approach fits the strategic course of both organizations.

Ad Embrechts, director of Exploras: “In recent years we have successfully develop ourselves as specialist in the field of open cultivation with Botany on the sidelines. Therefore the Botany Group feels as a natural match. In this new phase of our company, in which we become a full part of the Botany Group, we see plenty of opportunities for further growth. This will allow us to support our customers even better with knowledge, expertise and facilities.” Operations will continue in the same way and under the same company name. In addition, the face of the organization will remain the same.

Peter Korsten, CEO of Botany Group: “The acquisition of Exploras reinforces our position in the market. Exploras is a powerful company with vast knowledge in field trails. A very professional organization in terms of conducting applications in- or observations of trails in addition to data processing and statistical analysis. With the acquisition of Exploras we enrich the services for our customers in the field of outdoor farming. We are therefore delighted about the advent of Exploras and the arrival of an enthusiastic group of new colleagues. Together, we are heading towards a bright future.”

The merge was officially recorded on January 1, 2020.