Participation trials (outdoor farming): control of thrips


Tabacco thrips are a major problem in several crops. The insect is difficult to control, partly due to the difficult accessibility in the crop and the explosive population development at higher temperatures.

Exploras is going to set up a trial platform with participation trials in onions, leek, Brussels sprouts and head cabbage. The trials are suitable for product development, deepening and demonstration. So we give you the opportunity in participation trials to screen both experimental and already authorized compounds for their effect against thrips. Testing of spraying schedules is also possible.

All treatments will be placed under code, which guarantees confidentiality. Flexibility in implementation is our top priority. If desired, the applications can be performed interactively based on your wishes and / or the results obtained.
The observations on trips are very accurate. In addition to the visual observations in the field, we carry out thrips countings with Berlese funnels.

Download more information about the participation trials:

Send an e-mail to with your choice of participation trial(s).

If you have specific wishes regarding the implementation, please do not hesitate to contact us. We try to find a suitable solution in consultation.