Asperico: research company in fruit

Botany Group

Botany from Horst-Meterik and Hakkert Product Support from Enspijk are intensifying their cooperation in research in fruit with the establishment of Asperico. Asperico focuses on product development and research for the cultivation of fruit from its own location in Enspijk. The research fields concern crop health, plant physiology and cultivation technology.

Uniting expertise
For several years HPS and Botany Group have been working together in the field of research in fruit for professional horticulture. HPS has been active for 6 years in research and product development in fruit from its location in Enspijk. Botany Group is specialized for over 15 years in the development of products for professional greenhouse horticulture, open field horticulture and indoor farming. Asperico combines Botany and HPS expertise in fruit. The choice to join forces at this time creates a broader market approach fits with the strategic direction of both organizations.

As of 1 February 2021, HPS and Botany Group will work together for fruit cultivation under the new name Asperico. This pooling of activities enables Botany Group and HPS to accelerate the expansion of their activities and make the most of the mutual knowledge fields. The growing facilities in Enspijk, with 5 hectares of apples, pears, cherries and another 2.5 hectares of new fruit plots to be planted, offer wide opportunities for research and development for fruit cultivation. Asperico will also continue to work with growers in the Netherlands to carry out various researches in fruit cultivation. Through the collaboration, Asperico can expand its activities for crop health research under GEP certification.

Gijsbert Hakkert, HPS director: "This collaboration that has taken shape through Asperico is an example of combining specific knowledge of both companies. As a SME company, we would never have been able to achieve what we can in the new combination: combining specific domain knowledge across the full width of horticulture."

Peter Korsten, CEO Botany Group: "With the collaboration between HPS and Botany, we are taking the next step to provide high-quality research across the entire width of the agricultural and horticultural industry for the development of new products for the professional grower. HPS and Botany's years of experience in their own field of horticulture enable customers to build on the services of strong partners. We are therefore delighted with the creation of Asperico and are going to have a bright future with an enthusiastic group of new colleagues."

The Company was officially established on 12 February 2021.