Plant health


Fungi can negatively influence the plant, but can also be implemented in 'green crop protection'. Within phytopathology we study how fungi influence the plant. Several fungi’s are problematic pests in agriculture. Botany investigates complex research questions on how these pathogenetic fungi develop and how they infect the plant. In addition, we have developed screening methods for the identification of resistance and susceptible cultivars to pathogenic fungi for several plant species.

We create optimal conditions for the fungi to obtain high infection levels in the plant. Subsequentially, we test how the plant reacts to the infection in a specific environmental. In addition, we screen plant species for resistance to fungi to identify resistant accessions for genetic research. Resistance levels are compared to a susceptible check that is cultivated under identical environmental conditions and exposed the same pest pressure. In addition, we research the effectivity of newly developed pesticides in preventing or reducing infection. These pesticides are more often of biological origin. Plants are artificially infected with a specific fungi to guaranty an optimal infection level for the trail. Botany has a broad collection of fungi that are cultured in our lab and can be produced in larger quantities when necessary.

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Erik Peters