Plant health


A healthy plant is not infected by harmful insects. The development of a strong plant or effective insecticide requires scientific knowledge and expertise in entomology. Botany researches the effect of insecticides in effectivity and selectivity trails. These insecticides can effect for example a specific development stage. Specific insecticides can effect only larvae or only pupae. Effectivity of natural pesticides, such as parasitic fungi, are also investigated at our facilities.

In resistance screening trails we identifying accessions with resistance to a specific insect in defined environmental conditions. Mechanisms of natural resistance to insects include tolerance, non-preference and anti-biosis. Insect trails are conducted with almost all pest insects that form a threat to the agricultural sector. Botany has a broad collection of pest insects that are cultured at our location by in house experts. Years of expertise in entomology enables us to obtain sufficient and specific infection levels in diverse trails.

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Conny Vervoort